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Vegan Passions: Vegan Singles Online

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26 years old | Abbotts, NY, USA

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kind, vegan, saving self for the one I truly love
I am a nurturer, headstrong and understanding, though deep down sensitive and sometimes vulnerable. I have avpd, and asd.. life for me is more of a challenge socially and for that I am an introvert, a hermit you could say who lives in his own world. But I am brave in that I am a boxer. Solitude makes me a thinker.. encompassing and perceptive.. I am mindful, and kind

I have various passion...

25 years old | Belper, United Kingdom

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A med student who is looking to pass time and make some friends while he's doing it.. Message me if you want to chat!

26 years old | Sewell, NJ, USA

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30 years old | Cascade Station, Australia

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On the path of health and balance knowledge,sharing and magical mystery. I'm looking for a friend, lover, partner,teacher and student.Someone to share the awe of life from our front row seats on infinity. It's obvious you are in on one of the greatest secrets (what you eat profoundly effects life) simply because your using this vegan passions dating site. I'm hoping to be connected with just the ...

57 years old | San Diego, CA, USA




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